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It means that article created TZ Portfolio+ can belong to many categories.

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Outward Bound Training Venues
Outward Bound operates in a number of settings; The Outward Bound Centre –
Loitokitok, Naivasha, Lukenya and from any of our numerous mobile training areas. Our
up-to-date Logistics Department maintains all of the necessary training regalia. These
includes, among others: tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags, boots, climbing ropes,
carabiners, rappellers, stick plates, helmets, water proof clothing, …etc.
The outdoors is our classrooms. The mountains, rivers, valleys and forests are the
playgrounds of every successful Outward Bound course. We are also able to set up camp
at a client’s backyard or even school fields for the tailor-made courses at short notice.
Our mobility and flexibility is only matched by our drive to deliver a quality long lasting
Outward Bound experience to all our clients

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The purpose of the Team building programme is to foster or whip St. Christopher School staffs into high performing team while reinforcing on the initiatives already put in place by the School. However; the specific objectives are as below.  To create space and culture in which teamwork thrives.  Review communication styles and their effects on internal and external customers.  Increase sense of support, Trust and cooperation within the management team and other cadres of staff.  Enhance employee’s problem solving skills in order to give quality delivery of service.  Create a corporate culture mindset, behavior and attitude which focus on Excellency in service delivery.  Develop a sound leader-subordinate relationship  Develop a stronger sense of shared accountability in reaching performance goals These objectives are likely to change after the OUTWARD BUOND TRUST OF KENYA carries out a survey to find out the situation in the school. It is possible that we add more objectives depending on the needs of the School. Expected Outcome  The retreat will get the team motivated to work as one  Increase open communication in the office environment  All team members have an understanding of the laws of synergy. Input and output are two sides of the same coin  Have a critique of the culture as to whether it supports the strategic direction of the schoo

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DAYS STUDENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME Outward Bound Trust of Kenya is part of Outward Bound global group with presence in 66 countries. It was established in 1944 in Britain. Outward Bound Kenya was established in 1952 with fully fledged training Centre, on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Loitokitok, Kenya. We are inviting the students for Outward Bound Youth Leadership programme. The programme objectives:  To impart leadership skills to the students.  Build group and personal resilience.  To create teamwork and collaboration in their daily activities and responsibilities.  To develop self-confidence and self-esteem so as to provide leadership.  To develop interpersonal skills and better relationship with everybody else in contact.  To Develop positive attitude towards others and life in general’ and being responsible citizens.  To be better decision makers. The programme will be conducted at our premier Outward Bound Training Centre, Loitokitok and Maasai plains. This involves the activities and Centre such as lectures, mentoring, rope course wall etc. and plain expedition within the neighborhood. The intensive 4 days for programme is designed to get the best of the participants. Our charges will be Kshs 16,000, this include: food and accommodation tuition, training materials, desk research, training needs assessment, course evaluation, professional facilitation and certificates. Tentative itinerary is attached NB: Outward Bound Certificate is recognized internationally Training session

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Outward Bound Kenya

Kenya Cultural Centre – 1’st Floor, Harry Thuku Road (opp. Norfolk Hotel), 




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