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History of Outward Bound Kenya.
The Outward Bound movement was started in Britain during World War II as a way of helping young sea men develop the qualities necessary for survival. These qualities include leader ship, teamwork, perseverance and care for others. Today, there are over 300 Outward Bound schools, base camps, centres and institutions all over the world.

The Outward Bound Trust of Kenya is a member of The Outward Bound Global Network of over 300 centres worldwide. The International Secretariat sits at Salt Lake City, USA.

Outward Bound Kenya was founded in 1952 as a way of building bonds of trust between young men of all races. Within the next several years, it developed into a means of preparing students for the leadership role they would play in an independent Kenya. Half a century down the line, Outward Bound Kenya has widened its training portfolio to include consultancy training and human resource functions – all these without losing its core responsibility.

Outward Bound Kenya

Kenya Cultural Centre – 1’st Floor, Harry Thuku Road (opp. Norfolk Hotel), 




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