Face To Face Challenge Course

This is a new course aimed at female empowerment and gender awareness. It is an all girls course that endevours to address the issues that challenge the girl child right from adolescence, growing up, HIV Aids, drugs …etc to the demands of the modern woman.Participants on this course come in two syndicates; teenagers (for those aged between 13-19) and the young woman (those aged above 19).The participant is carefully impelled into accomplishing seemingly impossible physical

activities irrespective of their state of physical fitness. Some tasks require supreme brain power. Accomplishing these tasks helps to rapidly build self-confidence, self assertiveness, critical self evaluation and emotional balance.During the course, the participants are exposed to demanding leadership activities. They learn to set goals and achieve results. They also learn about the hazards of drug and substance abuse and developing self discipline in all spheres of life.
Locations: As varied as they can get.
Course Content: ‘What girls can do, boys can do better!’.
Course Duration: 10 Days long

Outward Bound Kenya

Kenya Cultural Centre – 1’st Floor, Harry Thuku Road (opp. Norfolk Hotel), 





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