This is a 17-day course intended for young people aged between 14 and 30 years old and above. The course normally incorporates three training phases: the first being a Leadership and Team Building program at Loitokitok; the second phase revolves around the Maasai plains of Southern Kajiado or Hell’s Gate. The last phase transfers the participants to either Mt. Kenya or Mt. Kilimanjaro; all climaxing with a personal recommitment pledge.Like the Face to Face Challenge, The Standard Course is also an open enrollment program and participants are drawn from even wider spectra.

Locations: Loitokitok/Maasai plains/Mt. Kenya/ Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Course Content: Leadership skills developments; Team working skills;Communication skills; Self Discipline; Basic Kitchen and laundry skills; Environmental care and conservation skills; Community engagement and service; Map
reading/orienteering and expedition skills; Camp crafting; Basic First Aid skills, Goal-setting and attainment; Effective resource utilization and care, among others.
Activities: Group dynamics and challenge activities like; Team tasks expeditions – plains, Rock climbing SOLO Experience,
Endurance runs, Water activities and Obstacle Courses, Mountain Climbing …etc.

Course Duration: 17 Days

This is a new course aimed at female empowerment and gender awareness. It is an all girls course that endevours to address the issues that challenge the girl child right from adolescence, growing up, HIV Aids, drugs …etc to the demands of the modern woman.Participants on this course come in two syndicates; teenagers (for those aged between 13-19) and the young woman (those aged above 19).The participant is carefully impelled into accomplishing seemingly impossible physical
activities irrespective of their state of physical fitness. Some tasks require supreme brain power. Accomplishing these tasks helps to rapidly build self-confidence, self assertiveness, critical self evaluation and emotional balance.During the course, the participants are exposed to demanding leadership activities. They learn to set goals and achieve results. They also learn about the hazards of drug and substance abuse and developing self discipline in all spheres of life.
Locations: As varied as they can get.
Course Content: ‘What girls can do, boys can do better!’.
Course Duration: 10 Days long


These are exclusively tailor made courses, activities and adventure programmes targeting schools. With the knowledge that parents and teachers are keen to ensure that as much time is spent on the academic front; but with the understanding that an all rounded education goes a long way to moulding holistic adults, these programmes are scheduled strategically to ensure minimal disruption of formal lessons/learning time (if any) without diluting the desired Outward Bound learning experience.
The ventures and activities are as varied as the individual school needs, culture and time. These includes; but is not limited to; excursions involving Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Navigation and Orienteering exercises, Caving trips, Ropes courses, Mountain Biking, Hill walking, Team Building …etc …etc.
Locations: As varied as they can get.
Course Content: Safe, Fun filled and affordable Adventure experiences.
Course Duration: 1 – 4 Days long.

These Programs are run jointly with other Outward Bound Schools and Centres and/or like minded international adventure outfits. The level of participants range from Students to Senior Executives in the corporate world. The courses intend to impel participants from multi-cultural and economic backgrounds to interact with each other and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of humanity in its diversity.For those strong at heart and spirit, the 23 Day Great Africa Peaks Challenge is up for the taking! This is an International Cross Cultural programme with participants drawn from all over the world. The course requires considerable physical fitness levels with a spirit of resilience and endurance.The Great Africa Peaks Challenge is an epic Outward Bound Course that provides the participants with the opportunity of conquering two of Africa’s highest peaks in 23 Days (Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro).
Locations: As varied as they can get.
Course Content: Cross cultural experience and adventure.
Course Duration: 12 – 25 Days long.


These are tailor made Mountain expeditions targeting organized groups whose sole intent is tackling the mountain. These would mainly include, but not limited to schools, colleges, youth and other special interest groups.
The mountain excursions run as single goal projects and include an attempt on Africa’s highest mountain; Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya.
Locations: Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru (Tanzania), Mt. Kenya, and The Ruwenzori (Uganda)…etc.
Course Content: High Altitude Mountaineering.
Course Duration: 7 – 10 Days long.

* We are not a mountain climbing institution. We use the mountains only as challenging elements to realize set goals of
personal development.

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