Student Leadership Course

This is an intensive Leadership Induction Course designed for students in leadership
positions in secondary schools (prefects, head students, team captains…etc), middle-level colleges, universities and/or other young men and women showing exceptional leadership potential or expected to take up leadership roles of any form.We present student leaders with a learning environment tailor-made to bring out and develop qualities of leadership commensurate to their levels of responsibility. The participants are divided into small groups and presented with tasks that call for effective team work. Activities are followed by de-brief sessions during which the participants discuss what they learnt and how they can apply the lessons to their leadership roles in the respective institutions. Professional input complements the activities.

Locations: Loitokitok/Naivasha/Kanamai/Lukenya.

Course Content: Exclusively tailor-made to fit individual client needs.

Course Duration: 8 Days long.

Outward Bound Kenya

Kenya Cultural Centre – 1’st Floor, Harry Thuku Road (opp. Norfolk Hotel), 



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