Seniors Challenge Course

Seniors Challenge Course

This is a course primarily for individuals aged above 20 years. This is another open enrollment course mainly targeting young people or the young at heart employed in industry and commerce, the Armed Forces, the Private sector, N.G.Os…etc. College and University students or any individual who has participated in an Outward Bound Course
before is also eligible to attend.The course concentrates on nurturing the skills and self-awareness which participants
need in order to meet the demands of their careers, personal lives and to improve their upward mobility.

Locations:As varied as they can get.

Course Content: As in Standard Course with stress in Skill acquisition and Group Dynamics as deemed fit.
Course Duration: 21 Days long.

Outward Bound Kenya

Kenya Cultural Centre – 1’st Floor, Harry Thuku Road (opp. Norfolk Hotel), 


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